Giant Wheel Education

YORK STREET UNLTD INC, proudly collaborates with Giant Wheel Education. A company led by Rekha Malhotra authors, publishes, and markets a series of computer textbooks for schools not only in India but also across the globe.

She has authored several books in India.  Her earlier books have broken all records of popularity by selling a huge number of books in India alone. A Business Management student with a degree in Advertising, Fashion Design, and Computer Science gives her the immense expertise needed to pursue her imagination in various fields.

Some of the books she authored are; Train the Brain Junior Series, printed in five volumes, and Train the Brain RGB series printed in three volumes, specifically written to introduce and instruct pupils in primary schools to the elements of computer education and training.

Train The Brain series for Grade 1 to Grade 8, focuses on building, computing, and developing skills for students using different computer applications. This well-graded course extends not only to all boards in India, but also abroad!

The curriculum systematically covers the program where the students are introduced to the basics of computers, Internet, Digital drawing with 2D and 3D concepts, Word processing, Presentations, block-based visual programming with Scratch, HTML, Computer Network, App development, Java Programming.

The Train The Brain series is intended to establish a modern global computer education standard that includes five key principles involved in computational thinking:

  • Algorithmic thinking: Aims to build the problem-solving skill and methodology.
  • Evaluation: The process to evaluate algorithm solutions with efficiency, correctness, and clarity.
  • Decomposition: It involves breaking down of a complex problem or system into smaller parts that are more manageable and easier to understand. The individual parts can then be evaluated separately.
  • Abstraction: Abstraction involves hiding details and removing unnecessary complexity. The skill is in choosing the right detail to hide, so that the problem becomes easier to solve without losing anything that is important.
  • Generalization: Generalization provides a powerful way to combine information to make it more usable and easier to remember.

Train The Brain series is exquisitely written by Rekha Malhotra, an expert enriched by comprehensive computer teaching experience. She has crafted the books in such a way that the complexities of computer science for school students is tremendously reduced.

This book provides a set of guidelines for schools, describing what the students ought to know and do in order to use technology effectively for learning and preparing for higher education. These strategies represent realistic, attainable activities to the current standards of the educational framework.

Salient features of Train The Brain Series

  • Finally! A computer textbook that is child friendly as it is written in simple language that can be easily comprehended by the child himself.
  • Every chapter in the book is taught in a logical graded manner.
  • Appealing illustration and screenshots that lend enormous support and learning aids to understand each topic elaborately.
  • Desktop applications for interactive quizzes, additional information and brain cracking games greatly enhances cognitive functioning.
  • A specially designed interactive software that will provide invaluable information beyond the curriculum.
  • Video tutorials for each chapter to help students enhance their academic experiences.
  • Expert knowledge in every chapter provides information on useful tips and interesting facts about the topic being discussed.
  • Glossary to understand technical terms.
  • Lab activities that provide hands on training for quick and effortless learning.
  • Teacher’s manual for a creative approach to each chapter, which includes lesson plan and complete answer key to the coursebook along with printable worksheets.

In spite of the fact that the market is flooded with computer books, this book will bring a dramatic change in computer science education! The biggest justification for the change is not economic but moral!